Cuticle Care

My first product spotlight covers what I consider to be the most important component of a great manicure, and that is healthy cuticles.  The most magnificent manicure in the world won’t hold the eye of the beholder if you have cracked, torn, dry, ugly cuticles.  You just can’t hide them.  I’ve made it easy to get started on a solid cuticle care regimen with a few recommendations below.


SpaRitual – Keep one of these pens in your purse or car, on your desk, in a gym bag and it will always be handy. I especially like this one because it has a cuticle pusher. I am not a fan of cutting cuticles. I gently push mine back.


Badger Cuticle Care – I am definitely going to try this one simply because it is “Delightfully fragranced with essential oils of Geranium, Mandarin, Lemongrass and Ginger.”  Sounds delicious.


CND Solar Oil – I have used this and love the smell – sweet almond oil!


Quench Hydrating Balm

Quench Hydrating Balm – I use this balm every day.  I used to have constantly dry, painful cracked cuticles but have had significant success using Quench.  This balm works much better for me than any cuticle oils I have ever used.

I’m off to order my Badger Cuticle Care.  Start taking care of your cuticles and you will be taking an important first step to having great manicures.  If you have a personal favorite, please share with us.



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