Basic Manicure Kit

If you caught last week’s segment, I know you’ve been diligently taking care of those cuticles, right?  This week I highlight a few basic manicure kits.  Nothing fancy, just a few simple tools everyone should have easy access to.  As usual, I’ve included a few different price options.


Solavae Manicure Pedicure Set – I like this set for 2 reasons, it’s only $10 bucks, and it has a crystal nail file.  If you’ve never tried a crystal or glass nail file, you should.  They are divine.  They’ll give you a fine smooth clean edge to your nails.


Olenya – this set has everything but the kitchen sink, including a blackhead tool and an ear pick.  I’m not sure I’d go sticking an ear pick down my ear, but if you are in need of one, this kit certainly fits your needs.  I love a good blackhead tool but I think there should be a rule that every blackhead or pimple should pop the first time you squeeze it so you don’t make it 10 times worse than it was to begin with trying to get rid of it.

Deluxe Tool Kit

Jamberry makes a high quality kit in a convenient carrying case with a nice magnetic closure.  This is the kit I use and look – there’s that glass nail file I highly recommend! This kit also comes in black for men.


Germanikure – What?  You can spend $150 on a manicure kit!  I have no doubt this is probably of the finest quality, but I would respectfully think you’ve lost your mind if you spend $150 on a manicure kit.  It’s just not necessary.  It does come with a lifetime warranty, well it better.  For that price, it better last many lifetimes if you ask me.

We’ve covered the 2 basic requirements needed to get you well on your way to having fabulous manicures all your friends will envy – a manicure kit and a good cuticle care product.  Next week we’ll get into the fun stuff – creating those manicures.  Until then, work on those cuticles and pick out your favorite manicure kit so you’ll be ready.

For those of you who are not Amazon Prime members, I highly recommend it.  I just signed up this year and love it.  I found this promotion going on at a discounted rate.


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