Free Giveaway to Celebrate Hot New Nail Polish

To celebrate the product debut of ColourCure by Jamberry, I have 2 free giveaway offers.

I recently purchased the ColourCure UV/LED Light and Stiletto polish.  Historically, I have been TERRIBLE at painting my own nails but this past year I watched a few YouTube videos and made up my mind I was going to become better at it.  I am proud to say I have become much better at “not coloring outside the lines” and using less strokes to cover each nail but I am still too impatient and tend to put on layers that are too thick, flap my hands like a chicken and blow on my nails trying to hasten the drying process, and get aggravated when I screw them up because I didn’t let them dry long enough.

ColourCure just might be my (and yours if you are like me) salvation.  It is thin like a traditional nail polish and glides on super smooth (no more gloppy thick gel).  Once cured, it looks and feels just like a gel.  I forced myself to apply 1 thin coat, cured it for 99 seconds (your whole hand fits in the dome-shaped light which is awesome), applied a 2nd thin coat, and cured it for 99 seconds.  When they say it is high-shine, they are not lying.  While I sat there and marveled at my accomplishment, I gently tapped one nail to my lip to see if it was actually dry.  I’ll be damned, it actually was.  That was all there was to it – manicure done.FullSizeRender

I am not thrilled with the price point of the polish however and that is why I have 2 giveaway offers.  I do not think you will be at all disappointed with ColourCure but realize it is pricey.

Offer 1 – free Cuticle Oil or free basic Application Kit with the purchase of 1 ColourCure UV/LED Light and 1 Polish

Offer 2 – free Cuticle Oil AND free basic Application Kit with the purchase of 1 ColourCure UV/LED Light and 2 Polishes

Use this Shopping Link –  Shopping Link

There are 11 colors to choose from.

The Cuticle Oil and basic Application Kit are the perfect complement to the ColourCure set and these basic items set you up for many future fabulous manicures.  Free items will ship separately from your order.


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