Nail Repair – don’t stress over a broken nail

A broken nail is annoying but once broken, it’s over and done with.  Don’t stress about it, it will grow back…eventually.  If you do suffer a break or tear and want to try fixing it,  I found a few nail repair products you can try.

The best defense is healthy nails.  I am lucky in that I rarely have a badly broken nail.  I attribute my success to taking a multivitamin and drinking lots of water.  My multivitamin of choice is Costco Kirkland Adult Multivitamin Gummies (because you can love gummies at any age and I do!).

Nails and manicures are never going to be 100% perfect 100% of the time.  When they are, enjoy them.  When they aren’t, still enjoy them!  Don’t fixate on that 1 sad broken or torn nail.  Focus on all the others, the broken one will catch back up.

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