Nail Repair – don’t stress over a broken nail

A broken nail is annoying but once broken, it’s over and done with.  Don’t stress about it, it will grow back…eventually.  If you do suffer a break or tear and want to try fixing it,  I found a few nail repair products you can try. Continue reading “Nail Repair – don’t stress over a broken nail”

Basic Manicure Kit

If you caught last week’s segment, I know you’ve been diligently taking care of those cuticles, right?  This week I highlight a few basic manicure kits.  Nothing fancy, just a few simple tools everyone should have easy access to.  As usual, I’ve included a few different price options. Continue reading “Basic Manicure Kit”

Cuticle Care

My first product spotlight covers what I consider to be the most important component of a great manicure, and that is healthy cuticles.  The most magnificent manicure in the world won’t hold the eye of the beholder if you have cracked, torn, dry, ugly cuticles.  You just can’t hide them.  I’ve made it easy to get started on a solid cuticle care regimen with a few recommendations below. Continue reading “Cuticle Care”