Star Wars Manicures and Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner and Star Wars costumes still reigning supreme as some of the most popular costumes ever, Jamberry’s recent release of Star Wars nail wraps is on point.  There are 14 designs, 2 of which are Junior sized so your little ones won’t be left out.

Long Live Princess Leia Continue reading “Star Wars Manicures and Halloween Costumes”

Nail Repair – don’t stress over a broken nail

A broken nail is annoying but once broken, it’s over and done with.  Don’t stress about it, it will grow back…eventually.  If you do suffer a break or tear and want to try fixing it,  I found a few nail repair products you can try. Continue reading “Nail Repair – don’t stress over a broken nail”

Free Giveaway to Celebrate Hot New Nail Polish

To celebrate the product debut of ColourCure by Jamberry, I have 2 free giveaway offers.

I recently purchased the ColourCure UV/LED Light and Stiletto polish.  Historically, I have been TERRIBLE at painting my own nails but this past year I watched a few YouTube videos and made up my mind I was going to become better at it.  I am proud to say I have become much better at “not coloring outside the lines” and using less strokes to cover each nail but I am still too impatient and tend to put on layers that are too thick, flap my hands like a chicken and blow on my nails trying to hasten the drying process, and get aggravated when I screw them up because I didn’t let them dry long enough. Continue reading “Free Giveaway to Celebrate Hot New Nail Polish”

Basic Manicure Kit

If you caught last week’s segment, I know you’ve been diligently taking care of those cuticles, right?  This week I highlight a few basic manicure kits.  Nothing fancy, just a few simple tools everyone should have easy access to.  As usual, I’ve included a few different price options. Continue reading “Basic Manicure Kit”